Letters to the Editor

Neeser letter: Cyclists

I take exception to the comment (“we all get angry when we see bicyclists riding on the sidewalk”) made by Cynthia Gibson in her Dec. 31 Guest Opinion. I don’t. I’m a rider and use the sidewalk when necessary. The comment reinforces the misconception that bicyclists break the law when riding on the sidewalk. Boise City Code, Chapter 10-14-08, sec. B clearly states that “a bicycle may be operated on a sidewalk …” with certain limitations when the walkway is crowded. The section goes on to say that, while on the sidewalk, the bicyclist “… shall have all the rights and duties of a pedestrian.” Therefore, a bicyclist gives up the privileges granted under the Idaho Stop Law.

By obeying the rules of pedestrian travel, the bicyclist must stop at stop signs and is not allowed to continue through a red light. They must wait like any other person on the sidewalk. Drivers are not aware of riders on a sidewalk. I also think that inattentive driving (or worse) tickets should be given when the driver simply “didn’t see the bicyclist.” That is not an excuse for not paying attention. Ride defensively, ride smart and get home safely.

Patrick Neeser, Boise