Letters to the Editor

Lewis letter: Student debt

Student debt is a major problem for today’s generation. Many people spend most of their lives paying back this debt. Student debt is so common that many have just come to accept that if they want to pay for college, they have to go into debt. While the high cost of college is sometimes warranted and can really help prepare a student for a well-paying job, it is most of the time detrimental to students who are not better off with the education they receive. Instead those looking into an expensive college should first ask themselves if the job they want to go into really needs the education or certification from said college; if not or the student is unsure of their occupation then maybe they should look at all the options. Such as community colleges, apprenticeships, trade schools etc. Pursuing these other options will also put pressure on expensive colleges to lower their tuition because they will continue to lose students otherwise. So with the next semester almost upon us, take a second and look at all the options and don’t let yourself be pressured by others to go the same route of education as everyone else.

Noah Lewis, Idaho City