Letters to the Editor

Jones letter: Bold predictions

Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan will both retire. They want to be remembered for their tax gift to wealthy Republican campaign contributors, not as captains on the Trump Titanic.

A “Street Smart” Trump will reduce his threats to become a two-term president. His white supremacist base is feeling jilted and he knows loyalty of establishment Republicans is reserved for those who can help them win re-election.

Mike Pence will continue his pathetic “It’s the honor of my lifetime to serve this great president” speeches. Heaping praise on the supreme ruler and explaining his idiot tweets is the job description for a VP who expects to be next in line.

After Trump lowered the bar for elective office to ground level, other wealthy businessmen will be emboldened to run for president. At announcement, they’ll pass out copies of their tax returns.

Prosecutor Mueller’s investigation will produce nothing the Trump administration can’t dismiss as alternate facts, blame on Obama Democrats and “fake news,” or fix with a presidential pardon.

America’s corrupt two-party political system will ignite a political revolution in 2018. Led by women determined to drain the Washington swamp, record numbers of voters will cast ballots.

Alston Jones, Boise