Letters to the Editor

Howard letter: Democracy

Democrats should realize that liberal talk-show hosts (especially Bill Maher) that routinely mock Christianity cause more damage to the Democratic party than Fox news pundits combined. Why? … 83 percent of Americans identify with Christianity. This anti-Christian portrayal of democrats is patently false and self-destructive.

Republicans (evangelicals) should realize that so-called “prolife” politicians are playing them like a fiddle. They learned long ago that whenever they can mine the “political gold” attached to abortion politics, the largest voting demographic in America will blindly support them. Regardless of the systemic rot associated with Trump Conservatives, evangelicals demonstrate willingness to overlook moral decay in exchange for political favors (textbook religious hypocrisy … Christ condemned it above all sins).

Irreligious billionaire donors anonymously financed massive “prolife” blogs/websites to exploit this emotionally-charged issue. Ironically, the last thing these wolves in sheepskin really want is Roe-v-Wade killed, it’s become the proverbial goose that lays golden eggs for wealthiest 1 percent.

Democrats: Mocking Christianity is political suicide. Stand united against liberal talk-show hosts inflicting this damage.

Evangelicals: You cannot advance “sanctity of life” through legislation, only education. Teach it to the world and leave the rest to God. Compromising Christian values by grafting yourselves to a partisan vine trashes both Christianity and democracy.

Michael Howard, Boise