Letters to the Editor

Kopelowitz letter: Downtown stadium

In response to Lee Jameson’s letter, he wrongly believes the new stadium should not be in downtown Boise because, 1) It will create more inversion pollution. There are few inversions in the summer when games are played or other activities are in progress. 2) Locate the stadium near the airport or on Gowen Road. Like near the poorly attended outlet mall where stores close regularly because it’s too far from civilization? Or near the airport? Noise and airport auto traffic. I’m sure the anti-F-35 neighbors would love a stadium nearby too. Shea Stadium in NY was built adjacent to LaGuardia airport. Noise pollution there was awful. 3) People can be shot from tall buildings in downtown Boise into the stadium. That is paranoia to the extreme. Better stay indoors all the time Lee. 4) My favorite. Take a bus to the stadium event. In Meridian we ask, What’s a bus? There is no good bus or mass transit anywhere in this valley. In Madison Wisc., there is a beautiful minor league stadium downtown next to the University of Wisconsin and their large football stadium (80,000). It’s convenient for all and nobody has been shot there from any tall buildings yet.

Marty Kopelowitz, Meridian