Letters to the Editor

McCarthy letter: Donald Trump

Evanescent-neutral ghost gods never permit mere mortals to disarrange history: picking, posturing mendacious specters without countervailing phantasms extant.

Analogizing dynamics, Battle of the Greasy Grass (1876), with machinations of Trump — an incarnated, rogue G.A. Custer — yield:

(1) Trump’s bluecoat-force continuously obliterates democratic institutions

(2) Simultaneously dismantles constitutional government


A: Trump foresaw he outranked Custer in courage, battlefield acumen; although vainglorious Custer distinguished himself (Civil War).

B: Never being distinguished, Trump glom-channels Custer, leading 600-cum-300 sycophantic, Beltway-bluecoats, including Rear Guard Nunes, Anti-Agent Muldeer dismantling FBI.

C. Objective: Little Bighorn River, Drain-the-Swamp-Cheer-Gorge, B&H Uranium One Hill.

D: Chief Mueller-Wise-Moon — like Chiefs and warriors Tatanka Iyotanka, Red Cloud, Gall, Rain-in-the-face, Inkpaduta — purified himself with “sage and cedar” during lifetime.

E: Point Man: Fox “Gnu’s” propaganda — horned, beastly — represents genocidal, ritual purification; opposite Lakota/Arapaho/Cheyenne ideals: prayerful, peaceful, soulful (personified in Mueller-Wise-Moon).

F: Heedless Trump/Custer deems Mueller-Wise-Moon mortally vulnerable. Inevitability: Trump/Custer establishes skirmish lines, attempts flanking actions. Warrior-wind seals never-deal.

G: Were Mueller-Wise-Moon vanquished (Pyrrhic triumph), 8-10,000 victors still celebrate Happy Victory Day.

H: Tribal Holy Men secretly image-update buffalo hides for worldwide dissemination.

I: Payback always involves blowback.

J: Afterlife: vengeful Trump/Custer faces never-spirits ... Matoaka (Pocahontas)…Na-Ta-Nee, 400 unarmed innocents.

K: Know where you and your innocents are?

L: Happy Phantasms.

Patrick McCarthy, Ph.D, Boise