Letters to the Editor

Hall letter: Go-On

Politicians continue to believe that changing education policy will avoid academic failure, and we continue to see lawmakers’ efforts fail. Case in point: Mandatory Senior Year Math Class.

As a 7-12 math educator for 25 plus years, I saw this as a political “train-wreck” as soon as I heard of it. Here is a list of failures:

1) No extra funding for adding one more required year. Unfunded mandates seem to be the norm for state policies, but it doesn’t make it right.

2) Students still take a year off from math. Only six credits are required to graduate, so a student can skip math their junior year (or even sophomore year) and then take whatever math satisfies the senior year requirement. No, the skipped year does not help any student pass that senior course and definitely does not encourage them to “Go-On.”

3) Students don’t have to pass the senior math course. They only have to take the course — babysitting seniors. Yet another policy from Boise with the only “bite” to it being a soundbite.

4) No improvement in college attendance/completion or entrance exam scores.

It’s time for this “Go On” initiative to “Move On.”

Wes Hall, Jerome