Letters to the Editor

Engelbert letter: Fact checking

I have a degree in communications. It is clear the Statesman’s intent and lack of fact checking. Ninety percent of all of your letters to the editor either trash Conservatives, Republicans, and anyone who agrees with Trump.

On Sat. Dec. 23, Ken White from Twin Falls posted a number of lies regarding Trump, comparing him to Obama with the tragedies that happened in 2017. The Statesman did “no fact checking” because it goes along with your progressive agenda. Obama didn’t go to New Jersey in 2012 to help “direct” Gov. Chris Christie with the relief effort from Hurricane Sandy, he went for a photo op.

Mr. White states that after Harvey, Irma, the Vegas shooting, the Texas shooting that Trump simply sent out some tweets and went golfing.

Wrong. Trump did visit Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and Vegas to support the devastation and first responders. In Vegas he met with first responders and went to the hospital to visit victims. Trump was on a week-long trip in Asia when the Texas shooting happened. No one with any amount of critical, independent thinking doesn’t see your bias.

Jeff Engelbert, Eagle