Letters to the Editor

Idita Letter: Snow

I do not want to hear one whimper or complaint from Boise City Hall about ACHD’s response to the snowfall this winter. Mayor Bieter has absolutely no room to complain because he can’t even keep the city parks clear of ice and snow. I live in southeast Boise, there is a major city park near me, it even has a pool. But since our recent snow falls that park has not seen a snow plow, shovel or even one grain of ice melt. The park is used very heavily all year long, but the walking paths are choked with snow, the parking lot is a sheet of ice and if last year (and so far this year) is any indication, it will remain that way until spring thaw. On my daily walk one morning I even noticed the trash cans are not being emptied. Mayor Bieter, instead of wasting my tax dollars on a homeless hotel, a not needed stadium, or yet another worthless downtown trolley study, how about spending some money on snow shovels, ice melt, trash collection, and getting that lunch bucket brigade of yours out clearing the parks of ice and snow.

Rod Idita, Boise