Letters to the Editor

Bruckner letter: Wedding cake

The people who refused to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple has stirred up a lot of “solutions.”

My compromise solution should make both sides a winner. I would be very suspicious of anything made for me if the person making it was doing it under pressure. I would wonder about the quality, missing ingredients and late delivery, etc.

My solution to reach this point is quite simple. If the business owners have a group they do not want to do business with, then they would have to post a notice at the entrance to their business that reads: “We do not want to provide service to ________.” If I saw that sign and I was in that group, I would take my business elsewhere and they would lose the money I was going to spend there, along with people who were not in the group but would support that group. So if the owners can stand to lose this much income, which is an unknown amount, that is their choice. In the meantime I have a product I can trust. Problem solved by a compromise, not a law or a court judgment, which costs everyone.

Ronald L. Bruckner, Meridian