Letters to the Editor

Savino letter: Pro Republicans

Genius Democrats sending letters to this paper attacking the president have no interest in facts, ignore reality and let’s see … raise your hand if any of you have ever run a billion-dollar business, hired thousands of employees of every denomination, race, creed, color … and succeeded. The short list of liberals writing letters here are catatonia failures, jaundiced school dropouts and extremely envious … then throw President Trump under the bus.

The country has spoken. History made America will/is destined to reap many, many benefits from a non-attorney, non-politician president. Those of us with a measurable IQ realize the real problem is a combination of both party failures, both party liars and with both parties continuing the charade of deceit on all of us, but especially Democrats. Liberals are especially jealous/ignorant, they hate successful people with money, successful companies, educated CEOs with 145 million worldwide employees for Making America Great Again. Trump will succeed even though you hate him for his unbelievable, unmatched successes. God bless President Trump. So, before we workers run out of money, get your share of our free goodies from Uncle Sam’s North Pole.

Happy 2018 New Year from America’s wage earners.

Dano Savino, Nampa