Letters to the Editor

Winnovich letter: Payroll tax

Beware the payroll tax. Now that the president has admitted that the objective of the tax bill was to reduce corporate tax and eliminate Obamacare, the largest tax on workers remains the payroll tax. Be advised that the next Republican objective is to reduce Medicare and Social Security. This reduction is to be phased in by the recent tax bill and amendments. Be aware, however, there is no expressed intent to reduce the payroll tax, which funds Medicare and Social Security through FICA. So, same tax, less security for workers. When the average age of Congress is 65 years (as I am), who is investing in the workers that contribute to our economy now? Our president is only interested in cutting his taxes and reducing corporate liability while adding trillions to the debt. The deceptive declaration that this tax “reform” benefits the lower and middle class demonstrates that the Senate and House of the new right is nowhere near populist, and continues to be more invested in PACs and corporate donors that depend upon taxation of the working class.

Keith Winnovich, Hailey