Letters to the Editor

Sirhall letter: Taxes

Having worked with all sorts of taxes since 1987, both as a deputy attorney general and on behalf of taxpayers, I’ve been asked by folks as to what this tax bill accomplishes. Candidly, I only see trouble for both politicians and for taxpayers as a result of this bill’s process. Normally a bill of this magnitude receives extensive vetting by both parties, experts in affected industries, committees and sub-committees, all set forth in Congressional Record. The current bill was released to loyal opposition and citizenry by lobbyists with hand-written notes in margin. One New York congressman flatly admitted: “Our donors said that if we don’t deliver on tax bill, do not come ask for any more donations.” A senator gave his support only after adding an exemption for real estate income flowing through pass-through LLC. Day after passage, Mr. Ryan publicly backtracks on supporters’ justification that tax breaks would pay for themselves with increasing economic growth. Question pressed he arrogantly proclaimed “that’s in the future and no one knows the future.” In summation, only those who wrote the bill know it. With such momentous legislation, supporters ensured little Congressional Record reflecting just how egregiously the average citizen just got screwed.

Lawrence G. Sirhall Jr,. Boise