Letters to the Editor

Eisele letter: Idaho’s congressmen

The recent “tax bill” was opposed by more than 50 percent of all Americans, yet our Idaho congressmen voted for it. Oh, and it will add $1-1.5 trillion to the deficit.

Now we’re reading that Congress will have to gut Medicare and Medicaid to reduce the deficit. Yes, the deficit that they just inflated.

Sen. Crapo used to say the national deficit was shameful. And now it’s OK?

Congressman Simpson, meanwhile, has talked about how much he wanted to support Paul Ryan. Does he work for Ryan or for us?

Sen. Risch, who won’t meet with his constituents in town halls, says that all that debt is going to be offset by new jobs. Really? Who is Risch working for?

Then there’s Mr. Labrador. You remember, the guy who’s never done anything in Washington. Certainly he wouldn’t vote for this poorly disguised money grab by the rich. But ... he did. Who, exactly, is he working for?

I thought I heard once that congressmen work for us. Nonsense. They don’t listen to us, whether it’s about our love of public lands, Medicare or the deficit. What — if anything — have they done for Idahoans in the last year?

Who do they work for?

Ted Eisele, Boise