Letters to the Editor

Bennett letter: Christ-like values

A response to Pastor Tri Robinson’s question (“Why don’t Christians insist on Christ-like values in their leaders?,” Jan. 1) is to note that most self-professed conservative Christians don’t pay any attention to what Jesus said.

Judging from the intemperate bombast uttered by the fundamentalist clergy, conservative Christians are focused on the Old Testament, not the New.

In the New Testament, Jesus said nothing about abortion, climate change denial, creationism, gays, getting rich or posting Ten Commandment monuments, but he said a lot about helping the least of these.

By focusing on the Old Testament, fundamentalist preachers stoke in their followers the hatred of “the other.” The Old Testament offers in the person of King David an example more in tune with Republican values. Religious writer Bruce Feiler has described King David as “a man who will use violence, deceit, charm, murder — anything at his disposal — to gather political power around him.”

Doesn’t that sound like a certain president?

As long as Christians refuse to follow Jesus, the country will continue to be ruled by the minions of the Anti-Christ.

Remember: Jesus was a liberal Jew; he wasn’t a money-grubbing, woman-chasing reprobate.

Gary L. Bennett, Boise