Letters to the Editor

Stevens letter: Trump’s lies

Lies, lies, lies — that’s what Trump feeds the American people. He promised he wouldn’t cut Medicaid — lie. He tried to cut it as soon as he was in office. Tax reform — lie. He said it was for the middle class — lie (Ryan’s lying, too.) It will basically benefit the very rich, and do very little for the poor and middle class. It will put our whole economy in a very unstable position — exactly what Russian dictator Putin (Trump’s boss?) wants.

Ask yourself: Why is he so concerned about the special prosecutor (Mueller)? Why is he trying to shut the investigation down while lying that he’s cooperating? Only one reason, he’s guilty as sin and knows the special prosecutor is very close to proving it. He says the investigation hurts USA’s standing in the world — lie. Folks all over the world are rejoicing that USA has the courage and integrity to prove that he lies and get him impeached and removed from office.

He said the “Hollywood” videotape that proved he was a womanizer is untrue — lie. I don’t understand why some people refuse to admit he’s lying, despite the real evidence that he is lying. Alabama’s election leads the way. Truth will triumph. Follow Alabama’s lead — defeat lying Trump. Drain the real swamp.

Jack Stevens, Boise