Letters to the Editor

Moberly letter: Tax reform

Congratulations to Congress and President Trump. Their sweeping “tax reform” includes eliminating health care for millions and drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Tax reform? Oh, but wait, it does include small, temporary cuts for the common folk, huge permanent cuts for the top one percent, and a one-third reduction in taxes for large corporations (sorry, small businesses, not you).

Deficit growth was a bad thing under President Obama. It signaled the end of American stability and an unbearable burden for future generations. This deficit expansion was created by Republicans, so we shouldn’t worry. Rewarding the wealthy is far more important than providing health care.

Individuals’ tax cuts (but not corporations’) are temporary because of congressional rules on increasing the deficit. However, in a wink-wink nudge-nudge circumvention of their own rule, they assure us future Congresses will be certain to extend them.

This bill was written in secret, passed without public input and rammed through in hours. It is a legislative travesty, designed, built and passed to reward the mega-donors who now own our public officials. If Idaho voters return our congressional delegates to Washington (or elect one governor) after these self-serving shenanigans, shame on us.

Claudia Moberly, Middleton