Letters to the Editor

McFarland letter: Tax bill

The poser in the White House thinks the inchoate words that spew out in Twitter form are believed not only by his pitiful base but, somehow, by others. His delight in the horrible tax bill is only one instance of his perverted leadership while he has accomplished creating the basis for accruing more wealth for himself and his family and hurting the middle class. Not much has been said about the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) which was created years ago when many of our huge corporations/very rich individuals paid absolutely zero/minimal federal income tax. The AMT ensured that both corporations and individuals would pay at least some federal income tax. Now with all of his paper losses, his company will only pay a minimal tax, if any, and the same for his individual federal income tax. Is this fair — no, but the Republicans don’t care. The deletion of the AMT for individuals is temporary but for corporations is permanent. Does anyone care? Not our stalwart senators and representatives — wonder how much they will benefit.

Janette McFarland, Fruitland