Letters to the Editor

Rotharmel letter: F-35s

Dark cloud gone: Finally a decision from the Air Force not to base the F-35 in Boise. I calculated the number of sorties at six per day over a 20-year life of the program and came up with over 43,000 takeoffs and landings we’re not going to have to endure. I seriously wonder when the Air Force is going to figure out that they have no aircraft in their arsenal that has the ability of the A-10 for close air support that have saved countless American soldiers from a terrible fate. The Air Force is still flying B-52’s that are approaching 70 years old. In spite of spending billions of dollars developing newer bombers, they found the B-52 did the job better and cheaper. I think you can make the same case for the beloved Warthog. Ask any veteran that was in a dire situation and had the A-10 come to their rescue what he thinks of the plane. Our combat soldiers need that support. Maybe our elected representatives can now focus on asking the Air Force and Congress some hard questions about the future of this incredible bird.

Rocky Rotharmel, Boise