Letters to the Editor

Huerta letter: BSU win

All right, Boise State wins the Mountain West Conference and is rewarded with the Vegas Bowl against the 5th/6th place team out of the Pac-12. Yawn. When’s the selection committee going to see that this game is a mismatch? Has been for years. Not only has Boise State elevated its game, but the Mountain West Conference as a whole has done so as well.

Boise State has won its four Vegas bowl games by a combined score of 148-81. And this year’s game over Oregon wasn’t as close as the score indicated. Boise State easily gave away 27 points with their turnovers and botched scoring opportunities.

It’s time for the Mountain West Conference commissioner to start lobbying, shopping our conference football champion around for a better bowl game. It’s a slap in the face to Boise State’s great, dominant teams and Bronco Nation as well, to be pitted against mediocrity with the likes of the Oregon Ducks.

Vince Huerta, Boise