Letters to the Editor

Morgan letter: Boise development

Boise is gentrifying/developing so fast — construction everywhere — makes for a glorified image. But where is the diversified housing? What happens when you have all these acclaimed buildings and there’s no one to service or support them? McCall and Ketchum didn’t plan ahead and now they lack a workforce.

Apparently, there’s loads of money in Boise, but one small city project for our most vulnerable folks compared to the 8400 needed units is farcical. Those with extra money donate a lot to the homeless population, but, unfortunately, it’s a Band Aid compared to the need. And government is planning to cut funding for this need, so not much help there.

Too bad Boise didn’t have an inclusion clause that required developers to build low-income housing along with their high rises? Some cities do, you know.

If we won’t do that, at least let us learn from the original people of this land, let us build villages cheaply, efficiently and quickly. The homeless problem is exacerbating and time-sensitive – more young homeless becoming hardened and aggressive, more homeless children, people sleeping on concrete outside of Corpus Christi in 25 degrees and snow, and there’s no room in the inn. If only we cared enough.

Lois Morgan, Boise