Letters to the Editor

Davis letter: Midas Gold

Midas Gold continues to meet demands. A great deal of misinformation about Midas Gold exists. First, these are patented claims, Midas has rights and it’s their land. Mining activities of course being governed by regulators, but it’s their land. They’ve done all that’s been asked of them, it’s time bureaucracy moves this project along. Listening to the opposition you’d think we were still in the 1940s or 1800s with regulation? A new state law requires a reclamation bond that used to be about $2,000 an acre; it’s now $15,000 an acre, very expensive but better regulation. Unfortunately we buy lots from overseas; over there they don’t care about the planet and we like to buy cheap, Home Depot sells you wood from Brazil, guess what that’s destroying? Midas has done all they’ve been asked and deserves the opportunity to clean up the disaster called Stibnite; they plan to do that first. They’ll completely restore a natural fish run that hasn’t occurred for over 70 years and restore each phase of the project as they go. Let’s add another 1,000 good jobs to the economy and help restore our confidence in bureaucracy. It’s time.

Dan Davis, Cascade