Letters to the Editor

Couch letter: Sen. Jim Risch

I am writing a letter to the editor because I can’t get answers to my questions from Senator Risch, for whom Town Halls “don’t work,” and he doesn’t empower his office staff to answer for him.

Recently Sen. Risch appeared on CNN and said it was the press’s job to keep track of our president. It got me thinking, what exactly is Sen. Risch’s job? Is it to protect America from enemies foreign and domestic? Sen. Risch, who sits on the Intelligence and Foreign Relations Committees, said in the last year that he was well aware of Russian interference in American life. Seriously? My question is, if he’s so well versed on this critical issue … how did our election get interfered with in 2016? How did Target get hacked in 2015? What other threats is he ignoring? What exactly is he doing to protect us? Serious charges are being brought against our president. Is he blase about it because after all, Sheriff Jim is on the job? That is no comfort to me. He is not doing his job. He works for us but he seems to think the president is his boss. OK. In President Trump’s famous words: you’re fired.

Lou-Ann Couch, Boise