Letters to the Editor

Bradley letter: Pit Bulls

Pit Bulls are sweet dogs? Let me say this: seven years ago two pits came into my yard and suffocated my beloved orange cat. My neighbor was too lazy to keep his gates closed. I believe the problem with pits or any dog for that matter is the people who own them. Let’s move on: There is an ongoing situation in the Lansing Heights Subdivision in Canyon County where new neighbors have been granted a Conditional Use Permit to keep 10 rescue dogs, including pit bull mixes, on their property. They lied at the P&Z hearing: According to my neighbor, no one does agility exercising of any of the dogs, nor do the next door neighbors have a “new” Doberman Pinscher, all of which was testified to under oath. This is perjury. The neighbors have 120 days to comply with the conditions: A fence within the property perimeter fence 50 feet back, a barn or shed in which to house the animals, and no animals will be added as the dogs expire [they are aged and have health issues]. Neighbor be warned: We are all watching and will contact Animal Control if any violations are noted.

Christine Bradley, Middleton