Letters to the Editor

Henry letter: Word ban

A NY Times article is explaining that the CDC “word ban” is well-intentioned advice to those within the CDC to avoid those words in proposals seeking funding.

We would not want our poor Republican legislators to feel uncomfortable. After all, they live in a bubble; we don’t want to offend their conservative ideologies with reality.

You’d think a legislator who is all about “saving the babies” would be comfortable with the word, “fetus.” If you are a legislator who believes in some mythical Supreme Being, who “works in strange ways” and determines where we spend eternity, I suppose the notion of “evidence-based” and/or “science-based” research might be disconcerting; if it ain’t in the Bible, it ain’t true.

I don’t know why “entitlement” would offend said legislators; their donor class is “entitled” to $1.5 trillion in tax cuts. I do understand that a GOP legislator might not want to admit that the poor in his/her state are “vulnerable” and none of ’em can admit or even acknowledge that “diversity” has been good for America, including their “transgender” constituents … even those who serve their country in the military. They’d rather build a wall and ban anyone who is not a WASP.

John Henry, Caldwell