Letters to the Editor

McCrea letter: Donald Trump

President Donald Trump and some of his associates are leading a coordinated verbal attack against the special counsel investigation, led by Robert Mueller and the FBI. Trump has called the Russia probe a scam and Democrat hoax. Contrary to the president’s claims there is clear evidence of several of his staff meeting with agents of the Russian government and then going to great lengths to cover up that evidence. Only time will tell is there was actual collusion between Trump and his associates and the Russian government but the investigation needs to go forward without the president obstructing the process. Only a scant eight months ago the president fired the director of the FBI James Comey and the investigation led by Robert Mueller is a mere seven months old. The president appears to be trying to thwart the Russian investigation and influence the due process of law. The previous firing of FBI Director Comey and the direct attacks currently underway concerning the Mueller investigation are disturbing and alarming. The verbal assault on the FBI and the special counsel by the president need to cease before it triggers a crisis of major proportions in our democracy.

Richard McCrea, Boise