Letters to the Editor

Didricksen letter: Word ban

The Trump administration is forbidding certain words from official documents being prepared for next year’s budget (Washington Post article by Lena Sun and Juliet Eilperin, published Dec. 16 in the Idaho Statesman) and is providing “alternative phrases.” Instead of the term “science-based,” the suggested phrase is “CDC bases its recommendations on science in consideration with community standards and wishes.” Really? “In consideration with community wishes?”

The suggested phrase completely changes the meaning of “science-based.” Science is fact based, data based, objective and measured. Science is not based on “feelings” or “beliefs” and should not be dependent on community standards and wishes.

It is science, not community standards and wishes, that told us exactly, down to the milli-second, when the total eclipse would occur. Do we want the Center for Disease Control to take a community survey to query our changeable standards and wishes when our health is at stake or when diseases need to be studied and eradicated?

As citizens, we need to demand truth; we need to defend science and insist on “science-based” recommendations from our government agencies and from this administration. This is censorship and there is no room for censorship in our democracy.

Kayti Didricksen, Boise