Letters to the Editor

Albritton letter: Raul Labrador

Raul Labrador’s assertion that Democrats and the press have undermined democracy in the Idaho Statesman from Dec. 14 is steeped in conspiracy theories and falsehoods that puts party over country. It is disappointing that a sitting United States Congressman, let alone the President of the United States of America would so willfully disseminate conspiracies theories and falsehoods for political gain.

The intelligence communities worldwide have found the evidence that Russia has and is meddling in elections to destroy democracy around the world. The U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded the Russians are responsible for tampering with our election process. The ties to Russia by the Trump team are under investigation in this matter and should be pursued to the fullest extent of the law. The charging documents Mr. Labrador has alluded to are just the tip of the iceberg into the Russian election tampering. The ongoing investigation into Russian interference encompasses the full scope of Russian meddling into the 2016 election and therefore must be continued to keep this from happening in future elections.

As a lawyer, Mr. Labrador should know that not all information in the documents show the complete scope of the investigation and to suggest otherwise is negligent.

Thomas Albritton, Weiser