Letters to the Editor

Philley letter: No to Labrador

Rep. Raul Labrador is the wrong leader for Idaho. His radical conservative views that Democrats and the press are undermining democracy show that he doesn’t respect our Constitution, bipartisan lawmaking, the free press or the judicial system. Such thoughts are helping Republicans and President Trump undermine our democracy.

Instead of acknowledging that it is unprecedented that an administration could include even one person, let alone several, who had interactions with Russians and interfered in public policy decisions and perhaps a national election, and seeking to find out why, they promote authoritarian values that include attacks on law enforcement and world-class news reporting.

They create their own “facts,” condone lying and blame others. They remove or limit citizens’ access to historical data and facts such as census data, content on public health and climate websites. The latest indignity to Americans is that their tax bill benefits the wealthy more than the average citizen. If we elect people who support this line of thinking to be our governor, Idaho will suffer. Please do not vote for Raul Labrador.

Sue Philley, Boise