Letters to the Editor

de la Motte letter: Electoral College

When will we rewrite the broken constitutional code that’s the root cause of the political cancer consuming our democracy?

POTUS 45 was elected not by a minority of the popular vote, but by slave owners who crafted the Constitution 230 years ago. With the Electoral College, they dealt their cultural descendants a trump card over majority rule, even after the emancipation.

The options for my generation are fading away. Instead of heeding the warning of the poets, we got fooled again. But, for the descendants of democracy, there may be a new hope.

Can millennials save democracy by slaying the anachronistic, slavery-shamed Electoral College? Can they replace it with the direct popular election of the president?

Fix global warming. Go to Mars. But first, write new code.

Make democracy great again.

Wayne de la Motte, South Fork, Boise River