Letters to the Editor

Spencer letter: Thank you

Over the past four weeks I have had the pleasure to hear the Halleluiah Chorus in three different venues; the Meridian Symphony Orchestra with the Centennial High School Choir, the Eagle High School Choir and the Centennial/ Boise High School combined choirs.

In college I participated in the Messiah and have heard many performances, but the three performances I have heard over the past weeks have outshined any I have attended in the past.

The Meridian Symphony is one of the most professional musical groups I have ever heard. I heard an orchestra play in such beautiful harmony and precision I could imagine the music in special ways. Those musicians played as one unit perfectly.

To have grandchildren participating in two of the school choral programs with the quality and obvious enjoyment they experience is a joy to see. Having three high schools in the Boise area with such talent and quality is a blessing for our communities.

With young people so talented and dedicated to the music and work they must do to make it happen shows me we have a future generation to keep the arts alive. Thanks all students and teachers.

The Rev. Robert Spencer, Eagle