Letters to the Editor

Ogunrinola letter: Thank you

It’s safe to say that in the wake of many national events, there has been a recent spotlight put on law enforcement personnel. Every day, as they go out to complete the duties demanded by that uniform, an unappreciative stigma surrounds them. Yet day by day, and night by night, the Nampa Police Department and all law enforcement officers continuously put their community above themselves. So while the spotlight shines, Ridgevue High girls basketball is here to say thank you.

Thank you for risking your life for mine. For doing a job that many could not endure. The sheer grace and resiliency that every officer holds should be nothing short of respected. The job of an officer of the law is one that can only be applauded. To get up, see the naked horrors of the world, and still demand a better future for men, women, and children alike, takes the strongest of individuals. So thank you. Thank you for being there for the little guy when life is at 10 seconds, and they are down by two. Thank you for always rooting for the underdogs. And thank you for making this world a safer place, for everyone with much humility and honor.

Bukky Ogunrinola and Ridgevue girls basketball, senior captain, Nampa