Letters to the Editor

Muir letter: Thank you

I noted the Dec. 19 letter from Ronald Boothe.

I had a similar experience several months ago while in line at the Fairview Winco store. I asked the cashier the location of an item, the young lady in front of me said, “I know where that item is located — would you like me to get it for you?” I said yes — all the while the young lady and an older woman were bagging their purchases. By the time I had my things bagged and I asked the clerk how much my bill was, she said the two women in front of me had paid my bill. By that time I went outside to see if I could see the two women, but I couldn’t. I went back inside the store to see if the clerk knew who they were — did they pay by check? To date I don’t know who they are. They paid for my purchases, an amount more than $75.

I didn’t look like I was in need of help, only that I need a cane to get around. I would sure like to hear from them. After many years, I’m still in awe of people’s kindness.

Jack Muir, Eagle