Letters to the Editor

Ford letter: Legislators

Let your legislators know what’s important to you, or they’ll undoubtedly pass a lot of stuff that’s in their own interest instead. I have personally heard a lot of legislators say Idaho’s budget is balanced, but it isn’t. It’s easier for them to accept 36 percent of the budget from the federal government than to balance the budget. When 36 percent of the budget comes from the broke federal government, it isn’t balanced, but that “money” makes it easier on our legislators to “fund” the things they want. Legislators say, “Idaho gets back $1.32 for every dollar we send in.” Then some other states are being short-changed. Why should we send our taxes to the federal government just so they can shuffle it around and send it back? Why not send only what is absolutely necessary to maintain the proper functions of the federal government and keep the rest to cover what the state should properly do, like education, for example? That’s what’s important to me. I’m writing to my legislators about it.

Write to yours, and maybe they’ll pass legislation that the people want.

Sheila Ford, Caldwell