Letters to the Editor

Beauchamp letter: FBI

I have been thinking of the FBI and what it must be going through.

I am an 80 year-old, white woman of privilege, born and raised in California, retired to Utah in 1991 and now living in Idaho to be with family.

I’ve had two experiences with the bureau, one during the McCarthyism days when the FBI asked my folks to attend meetings of a local, covert communist group and report back. They did go to a couple after which either they or the bureau decided not to continue. The second, my brother having graduated from high school wanting to be an FBI agent, was hired as a file clerk. He asked my folks and I to visit the office where he proudly showed us the file cabinets. Of course, he said he couldn’t show us what they held. Sounds funny now but we were very impressed.

That’s my only connection but throughout my lifetime I have been comforted that you were there protecting me, my family and our nation and still are to this day.

Thank you for your untiring and unwavering strength to keep our country free.

Janet Beauchamp, Meridian