Letters to the Editor

Thienes letter: Evangelical Christians

As an evangelical Christian and an ordained minister, the chaos in Washington DC has me alarmed, but my greatest concern is for the condition of the evangelical church.

As a Christian in America, I have dual citizenship. My preeminent allegiance is to my Savior and King, Jesus Christ. My salvation and redemption are due only to the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. I must clarify that I am not an American who happens to be a Christian, I am a Christian who happens to be an American. As a Christian American I enjoy enormous privilege compared to the rest of the world — it is paramount I use this to the betterment of others. When we evangelicals attempt to use a political solution to solve what we know is a spiritual problem, we commit an egregious error. Jesus did not demand His rights, attempt to legislate morality, or try to gain political favor with the religious leaders of Israel or the secular government of Rome. Instead He modeled a lifestyle of humility and service to others. Have we lost our way?

Kevin Thienes, Boise