Letters to the Editor

Shockley letter: Legalized extortion in Idaho

I went to the Kootenai County Commissioners Cancellation of Taxes meeting recently to request owner exemption for 2017 since my wife and I forgot to sign the form after we moved in late 2016. That’s all we did — simply forget to sign a form saying that we live in our recently purchased home. I wrote the commissioners a friendly letter explaining that we were very busy while adapting to a particularly wicked winter. I also said that I would be glad to get neighbors’ signatures to prove we hardly spend a night away from our home. Commissioner Marc Eberlein explained to me that the state of Idaho requires me to prove “undue hardship” and mentioned that most realtors will let you know. I honestly don’t remember what our realtor said, nor do we remember receiving a letter from the county warning us that we would have to pay double the property tax we should. I explained that we cannot afford to send our 4-year-old to school (Idaho is one of the few states that doesn’t offer public preschool), which was quickly shot down and they moved on to the next victim like sociopaths with no remorse.

Keith Shockley, Coeur d’Alene