Letters to the Editor

McCoy letter: Tax law

I just read a report on the winners and losers under the GOP tax plan. I am putting all of our representatives on notice. I am just an ordinary Idahoan but I know and am familiar with more people than most of our representatives. If what this report claims is true, then I will do everything I can to see you defeated. An estimated 13 million Americans are projected to lose health insurance. And millions of American households could face tax hikes in the coming years. Millionaires and billionaires, including Trump, will benefit. Also owners of sports teams and oil drillers. Lawyers and accountants will also reap the benefits because people will need help getting through the tax plan. So I will go door to door, county to county to talk to people. I don’t normally get involved, but this is going to hurt our children and grandchildren. I am challenging all of the citizens to rise up and fight this injustice perpetuated by the wealthy. Take a stand for Idaho.

Rex McCoy, Boise