Letters to the Editor

Hammersmark letter: CVS

I will clarify, first off, that I am in no way against CVS Pharmacy. I find it quite ironic, though, that CVS wants to come into the historic North End only to raze and/or move several historic structures, erect a big box and put in a parking lot. I attended the Planning and Zoning meeting on Dec. 4. All who testified, save the CVS personnel and a house mover, basically told CVS to find a more suitable location. We were all appalled that the city of Boise approved the construction initially as it goes completely against both the Boise City Comprehensive and Blueprint Boise plans. Yes, that land is zoned C2. Therein lies the issue, but the city definitely did not look at the whole picture. That block is a balanced mix of light office, commercial and residential. It houses over 20 units of low-income housing, which is so needed in this area. City of Boise, please rescind your approval of this project. In short, it is incumbent upon all of us, residents, city elders and the business community alike, to ensure the North End remains viable, which means keeping it accessible and livable.

Shaun Hammersmark, Boise