Letters to the Editor

Wesche letter: GOP, Trump

The true Republican Party is toast. The Grand Old Party of Abe and Teddy has been replaced by the Trumpian bigots. Those who vote for the Republican tax bill are voting for the Trump family raid on the U.S. Treasury. Even many evangelical Christians, using their distorted definition of the Christian faith, are endorsing the Trumpian cult’s immorality and deceit. Trump is the most corrupt and clever potential dictator to surface in our history. Everything he proposes and does is regressive. He is a master of delusion, an accomplished and convincing liar. He claims that jobs are being created, businesses are returning, criminals are being apprehended, taxes will go down, wages will go up, health care will improve, ad nauseum, but facts prove every claim he makes is false. However, his enthusiastic, bombastic, extreme style is so convincing to the naive that his followers in Congress and elsewhere remain mesmerized. Unless the Democrats and true Republicans move from reactive to proactive, come up with some leadership and, more importantly, meaningful programs that counter Trump’s wild promises, we will continue to slide toward demagoguery.

Lilburn Wesche, Boise