Letters to the Editor

Hennessy letter: Idaho drivers

Regarding your story in the Dec. 15 edition about how bad Idaho drivers are: I disagree, both from an anecdotal and factual basis. Anecdotally, my experience of living four years in Idaho after spending most of my life in Florida and the Tampa Bay area tells me that Idaho drivers are much more courteous and law-abiding than in Florida. Road rage caused by overstressed roads and overstressed drivers is all too common in Florida. In Tampa Bay one of the main concerns is an alarmingly large number of accidents caused by people driving the wrong way on interstates. That’s pretty bad and something that doesn’t happen very often here. On a more factual basis, the amount I paid for barely adequate insurance in Florida is about half of what I’m paying here for “cadillac” coverage. If anybody knows where the bad drivers are, it’s got to be the insurance companies.

Mike Hennessy, Boise