Letters to the Editor

Slyter letter: Thank you

After a utility charge was levied against me this July that I felt was incorrect, I approached city staff. I also researched Meridian city code for the authority behind the levy, and found what I felt was inadequate supporting language for the charge.

The city provided the process for review of the charge, and as importantly, opened the door for review of the city code language authorizing the charge. Thank you, Mayor deWeerd, for directing staff to review MCC 9-4-24 for a possible update. Special thanks also go to Kyle Radek in Public Works. My contention was that the city code that levies charges on city residents (even for city services provided) should be clear, factually correct and understandable, as written, by the normal resident. My thanks go to the mayor, city council and city staff for being responsive to that contention.

Karie Glenn was extremely helpful in utility billing. I appreciate Councilman Cavener’s statement Dec. 12 echoing my concern: that city code language should be clear and understandable. Ms. Pogue in legal kept me informed through the code review process. I commend the city staff for their commitment to respond to constituents’ concerns.

Merlin Slyter, Kuna