Letters to the Editor

Gabbert letter: Stadium location

I notice with interest letters regarding the location of the proposed stadium in Boise. The old Bob Rice site on the river is far better than the St. Luke’s site and would not impose light and noise pollution on the nearby residents, not to mention the stadium attendees that would be parking around the residences in the River Street area. The best site by far would be where the racetrack albatross is now located in Ada County. There is plenty of property including lots of free parking and no close residential areas. The racetrack is falling into serious disrepair and should be demolished as it will never be able to support itself without illegal gambling machines. However, that location would not fit into Mayor Bieter’s planned legacy as it is not within the Boise city limits. So what is this all about, a legacy or the best location for the stadium?

Jane Gabbert, Boise