Letters to the Editor

Jameson letter: Downtown stadium

The proposed stadium location would be a disaster. Access from that area is not good enough for 600 vehicles at one time. During an inversion, Boise does not need 600 vehicles idling engines creating more pollution when exiting parking. Pollution can cause permanent damage to the health of people resulting in increased medical costs for everyone.

A logical place for the stadium would be near the airport, off Gowen Road or an industrial area where the noise would not be a problem and there is good freeway access for all the residents west towards Meridian and further and east toward Mt. Home. For large events, there could be buses from downtown Boise and other points that would take riders directly to the entrance and be in the bus parking when event is over. This is done in many states for event centers and stadiums. No reason for Boise not to try something logical for a change. The stadium should be built out from town where there is no place for a shooter to be higher than the stadium or via the parking area. Does anyone want to risk an episode like occurred in Las Vegas?

The proposed location would lower the quality of life for the nearby residents due to increased noise and pollution. It would not be good for the quality of both nearby parks.

Lee Jameson, Boise