Letters to the Editor

Young letter: Gender markers

Currently people born in Idaho cannot get the gender on their birth certificates changed but can get the gender marker on their driver license or state ID changed. While this may not seem important to some, it can present serious problems to transgender people. When someone does not look like the gender on their identification they are “outed” as a transgender making them susceptible to all the prejudice and hate that exists in society. Often this is not a problem but often does not cut it. What matters is when it is a problem. Idaho should allow gender changes on birth certificates as they do on other forms of identification. Better yet, a non-binary gender marker, x, could be implemented as it is in Oregon, California and being considered in Washington. Idaho is one of only four states — Idaho, Kansas, Ohio and Tennessee — that do not allow gender changes on birth certificates. Gender should not be mandated by the government.

Kay Young, Boise