Letters to the Editor

Szplett letter: Water conservation

We live in a desert and many see the need for water conservation. Only Kuna’s officials may not see it.

Kuna’s City Hall lawn is so over-watered that the parking lot looks like a lake at night when voters can’t see it. And Kuna doesn’t charge for watering subdivision common areas. I have a brown lawn but drive through the overflow water from the over-watered common lots.

Kuna charges irrigation fees based upon lot size, even if the property is occupied by irrigation ponds or identified by the Assessor as wasteland. Kuna expects us to irrigate dry wasteland or a pond full of water?

Kuna also charges for a minimum of 11,000 gallons of household water per month. Why would we conserve water if we consume only 1,100 gallons per month? Why can’t Kuna’s dear leaders understand and support water conservation?

David Szplett, Kuna