Letters to the Editor

Smith letter: Gun safety

Recently there was another shooting in Idaho involving two children. If we teach our children these simple rules, and follow them ourselves, this will never happen again.

Rule 1. The gun is always loaded. It doesn’t matter who checked it, when it was checked, or how many people checked it … the gun is always loaded.

Rule 2. Never point a gun at a person, family pet, etc. that you don’t intend to shoot. That means you never demonstrate that new laser by pointing the gun at any living creature.

Rule 3. Store guns and ammunition in separate locations. Guns should be kept in a safe. If not, they must be unloaded and secured with a trigger lock. No exceptions.

Rule 4. No matter how clever you are, you can never hide a gun that the average 5-year-old can’t (and won’t) find.

Rule 5. Whenever anyone is handling guns, always remember Rule 1.

There is no such thing as an accidental shooting. Be a responsible gun owner … you may save the life of someone in your own family.

Richard E. Smith, Boise