Letters to the Editor

Landers letter: Unity

Let us, as a people, build a bridge of unity and one of hope and peace because for too long there has been much division and I hope this Christmas we can find it in our heart to share and give. We have too many people who are without and in need of attention especially in mental health because this is a hard time for many who suffer depression and have no place to go. We as a nation can learn and grow from each other because I find strength in others because they give me hope and guidance to do the right thing. Our nation was founded on people working together and making it great because through people as a team you can create a better and safer place but divided nations fall and the world falls apart. The health and welfare of a nation when broken solves nothing but creates confusion and anarchy but peace brings solutions because we are a nation that is broken and needs her wings to soar. Our nation is only as great as the people and it is the people that remind government when they fail.

John Landers, Wilder