Letters to the Editor

Menges letter: Raul Labrador

Idaho is fortunate to be able to take advantage of Raúl Labrador’s vast political experience. He served twice in Idaho’s Legislature and then in the federal House of Representatives as a freedom fighter congressman. He knows what issues need the highest attention and how to stand strong against relentless opposition. We need his knowledge and proven character as Idaho’s governor.

High leadership makes the holder a constant target, a challenge to defeat or at least turn to opportunistic advantage and manipulation. I’ve watched Raúl during his years as a congressman of the neighboring district. I attended his town halls anyway, asked questions on the floor, and received better than satisfactory answers. He’s still working with freedom loving leaders throughout the nation at a time when liberty itself is being challenged. I believe he has the fortitude to administer appropriately: by fiscally sound good sense working through the directives of Idaho’s Constitution.

He’ll choose assistants who are likewise committed to honest policies and genuine integrity. Idaho needs a man with his resume to strengthen our future and hold the line for honor and good governance. Vote Raúl Labrador for Idaho’s next governor.

Carol Menges, Boise