Letters to the Editor

Lynch letter: Wolpin kiss

Enjoyed your article and picture of Boise running back Ryan Wolpin receiving a show of appreciation kiss. And he finished the interview with lip imprint still on his cheek.

About 30 years ago I would visit my husband’s aunt who had a second hip replacement. The operation did not go well and she remained in a vegetated state for the rest of her life. She never stopped rocking back and forth in her chair. At the end of each visit I would leave her with a lip imprint (kiss) on her forehead. It was my sign that she was very much loved. The family thanked me for years.

I have continued my show of appreciation through the years and now continuing with the wonderful staff at Rembrandt’s in Eagle with my kiss imprint.

It doesn’t matter what small kindness we show others. Our world certainly needs more signs of appreciation.

Katie Lynch, Eagle